If you still remember the classic image of the camper: forget it. After all, motorhome owners are now hip, nature-loving and adventurous. Nine good reasons to welcome campers now also on their so far unprofitable property thanks to CAMPPA parking columns without any personal effort:

  • Campers are looking for peace and quiet.
    The annual trip to the same campground with the same neighbors, staked fence and you-on-you with every camper is over. Campers want adventure, individuality, a retreat into nature.

  • Campers enjoy good food.
    No more ravioli from a can. They love to experience the country and its people properly, also in terms of food and drink. And the larger the motorhome, the less the kitchen is used and instead eaten out.

  • Campers do not want to travel strictly from A – starting point home to C – campsite for summer vacation,
    but, if camping, then at least with a relaxed journey, without time pressure or hectic and with a planned stopover in a beautiful environment. Since children and pets often travel with you, stopovers are a must!

  • Campers use the navi
    and want to know where they will arrive. You want to know the route so you can plan it properly.

  • Campers like places that are somewhat protected.
    Under a tree to not get too much sun, or behind a barn to have some privacy.

  • Campers take advantage of the opportunity to be self-sufficient
    by on-board toilet, shower, air conditioning and solar power.

  • RVers are not thrilled with penalties from wild camping,
    but the increasing number of campers and the decreasing number of campsites often force them to do so. But they prefer when they can also book the parking spaces away from campsites according to the rules.

  • Campers like to be mobile,
    on the road with hiking boots, e-bikes or classic bikes.

  • Campers are getting younger and younger.
    If earlier camping was considered a hobby of pensioners – it is now a hip trend – especially for young people. Well, sometimes good things are so close, aren’t they? ;-)