An ideal partnership for campers

A personal conversation about the win-win idea of the two companies turned into an international cooperation between SVR – Foundation for Free Recreation (Netherlands) and CAMPPA Smart Parking Systems (Austria). Who benefits from this? Always multiple parties, that’s the philosophy of both companies.

The DNA of the SVR and CAMPPA is based on win-win: On the one hand, the cooperation allows 420,000 members of the SVR to make fixed reservations and park at more than 420 exclusive RV parks of CAMPPA at special conditions. On the other hand, CAMPPA’s parking lot rental companies get 420,000 prospective customers for their digitized parking spaces overnight. And SVR and CAMPPA are gaining a partnership that has some future potential.

SVR members receive significant benefits

SVR members enjoy a 10% discount for parking reservations in the CAMPPA app quite automatically. For this reason alone, it is worth becoming an SVR member. If you also want free parking, as an enthusiastic camper you can also join the ambassador movement of CAMPPA and the SVR, for which there are very special offers.

2 x park, 1 x pay

As CAMPPA ambassadors, SVR members will be reimbursed for one booking each when they book two parking spaces and post photos of parking in CAMPPA parking lots on social media. Recommending new parking spaces in a solitary location is also rewarded.

The SVR – Foundation for Free Recreation – was founded in 1970 with the idea of enabling camping on the farm. A small movement became a foundation with over 420,000 members, 1,200 campsites in the Netherlands and 800 campsites in the EU with a strong upward trend. SVR members can participate in specially organized fairs on camping and benefit from discounts at SVR campsites and CAMPPA parking lots.

CAMPPA Smart Parking Systems GmbH was founded in 2020. The idea was conceived by entrepreneur Wolfgang Spieler, who is himself an enthusiastic camper and knows the problem of the lack of parking facilities or legal restoration to fitness to drive well enough. Together with e-commerce specialist Christian Keck and their team, they launched in Wattens/Tyrol in the fall of 2021. So far, 420 columns have been realized in Austria, Germany, South Tyrol and Switzerland, and 360 more are planned. By the end of 2022, at least 2,000 parking columns for RVs should be active at farmers.

Bas van Mill (SVR Foundation Board Member) and Christian Keck (CAMPPA Managing Partner) are very excited about the collaboration: “We strongly believe in providing great experiences and opportunities for our RV and parking renters!”