The Austrian Camping Club gives tips for the right spring cleaning of motorhomes, camping buses & more.

Spring is already attracting campers to the south. But before the motorhome starts up again, a number of jobs and checks are still on the agenda. A thorough spring cleaning, he said, should remove dirt and salt residue from the winter and repair damage. “One of the most important things to do is to check the gas system. According to ÖNORM G107, a check is necessary every two years – the responsibility for this lies with the vehicle owner,” explains Tomas Mehlmauer, President of the Austrian Camping Club (ÖCC) in the magazine of the same name. Evidence may be required during the §57a review. “It’s best to make an appointment at the workshop quickly – checks are in high demand in the spring,” the expert recommends.

What else to look out for:

  • Check the §57a assessment sticker for the next due date. This is because abroad, the 4-month overdraft limit that applies in our country may not be recognized.

  • “All rubber seals should be checked for functionality and cleanliness. Dirty seals with water and a fiber-free cloth wipe off, leaky and rough places one makes best with suitable, silicone-containing rubber care means again supple , advises camping expert flour wall.

  • The air conditioning system should be thoroughly checked about every two years and the pollen or cabin filters should even be replaced annually.

  • Electrical systems should be checked inside and out – with special attention to lighting systems such as turn signals, brake lights and parking lights. For the battery, the voltage should be checked.

  • “For caravans in particular, test the clearance of the overrun brake and cable pulls,” Mehlmauer said.

  • Tires should be checked for tread, air pressure and damage, just like a car.

  • Gas hoses and valves must be replaced every ten years by a specialist company.

  • If you protect the plumbing system in your RV with antifreeze over the winter, you can collect it and store it for the next winter. Subsequently, the entire system should be flushed with suitable means (instructions for use!) and valves opened, system and boiler drained.

  • Clean the toilet with suitable means, check the seals and replace them if necessary.

  • Textiles should be aired, washed and the interior well ventilated. It is best to combat mold spores immediately with suitable means.

Of course, all cleaning measures should be carried out during the camping season. For more information on ÖCC and camping in general, visit