Camping? This is not for me.

Sure, quite, quite sure?

We have asked around and compiled the most common reasons why it might be worth a try…

Beach or mountains? You don’t have to choose.

On the one hand you like biking, hiking and climbing on vacation and on the other hand you also like a vacation on the beach with SUP? We know this! The good news is that there is room for everything in the motorhome. If a route tempts you to go biking, unpack your bikes. Discovered a great lake or calm river? The SUP is immediately pumped up… And should you then pass somewhere at an opera house and have a desire for some high culture – suit and cocktail dress also find space in the camper.

You’re not into classic tourist hot spots.

You love to travel off the beaten track and “avoid” the tourist traps? What do you think about getting insider tips from your parking lot renters? Locals know where to eat well and what is really worth seeing in their home country.

You don’t like to plan ahead.

Here today, there tomorrow. Spontaneity is your travel motto. The flexibility with a motorhome is of course great. And via the CAMPPA app, you can stay spontaneous even during the peak travel season. You choose at dinner where you want to spend the next day, find a suitable parking space for your motorhome in the app and can book it online.

You like to be among yourselves.

The thought of a campground where RVs are packed together scares you? Meanwhile, campgrounds also offer XXL sites to accommodate large RVs and provide some privacy. But for this very reason, the places are becoming fewer, are usually booked up in advance and do not take day guests or late arrivals. Through the CAMPPA app you can find RV parks in solitary location and also directly check if they are still free and reserve. At a wine grower, at a pumpkin seed oil farmer or at a fruit farmer. And when you park and unpark, you decide when you make your reservation.

Your furry nose should come with.

In some hotels and dining rooms dogs are not welcome. If you travel by motorhome, you can take your furry friend with you everywhere. And even if you go to a restaurant and decide it’s not for your dog – he’ll stay in his usual RV environment and probably sleep away the time until you get back from dinner.

You hate packing suitcases?

We know the drill…what do I need at the pool, what for dinner, what at breakfast. Of course, every outfit needs the right shoes. This concerns only hotel vacationers? Also, when you’re out in nature – or especially then – you may need the hiking boots at times and the sandals at other times. Sometimes the thick jacket to go for a walk in the evening or the rain cape when the weather changes. How convenient that despite changing sleeping and parking spots, you can just reach into your built-in closet and pull out what you need at the moment.

You are an epicure

Why not take a pleasure tour through Austria? At many CAMPPA RV parks you can stop in directly. Sometimes for a snack and wine tasting at the winegrower’s, sometimes in a traditional Buschenschank or a fabulous restaurant. And if you don’t want to drive afterwards, you can restore your driving ability overnight at the CAMPPA parking lot. Legally. Good to know: Often there are discounts for you as CAMPPA, if you stop at your parking lot rental or make a purchase.

And last but not least: Such an adventure lets you quickly forget about everyday life and refreshes your love ;-)

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