Karl loves to open his horse farm to visitors. School classes used to come to him regularly to get a taste of the horse world. Starting this spring, campers will join him at the farm to experience the adjacent Styrassic Park or take riding lessons.

Karl, like so many farmers, read about CAMPPA’s free parking columns in the Austrian Farmers’ Newspaper. He liked the opportunity it gave him to earn extra money without having to be there in person. Even though he likes to chat with people. But he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t feel like it or is on the road himself. Because its guests can unlock and lock the parking lot themselves. And because Karl has noticed through the dinosaur park Styrassic that again and again campers are looking for suitable parking spaces during their visit to the adventure park, he has decided to offer them on his horse farm. He himself is more of a cowboy, traveling by horse and tent. However, in neighboring communities such as Bad Gleichenberg, he has already met several campers.

Cooperation with mutual support

The fact that campers enjoy being able to park their vehicles in spacious parking lots and be at the Styrassic Park in about ten minutes, or perhaps take a riding lesson or horse grooming session, is one thing. That Karl generates revenue with the campers, the other. The fact that the Styrassic Park with Managing Director Markus Ulrich also benefits by advertising in the CAMPPA app, that is true CAMPPA mentality: the more who benefit, the better. Because Mr. Ulrich can now recommend a suitable parking space to his guests with a camper van, which his guests can book independently in the app. So already the journey to the Styrassic Park starts relaxed.

Additional offer at the farm

At the Schmidhofer farm, campers can then also purchase eggs for their onward journey, for example, if they use the CAMPPA parking lot as a stopover for their onward journey to their final vacation destination. Like a family man who has now already booked a stopover for August for the trip south and is happy that he doesn’t have to look for a parking space somewhere in the dark with his small children to rest. Maybe the family will even stay longer because they want to see and use the regional offer in the app. And with that, the region benefits from CAMPPA park columns: through shopping, restaurant visits, and use of local attractions. And some families like it so much that they head straight for Styria as a destination on their next vacation, creating further added value for the region.

Do you want to take advantage of the opportunity to earn 1 euro perm2 per day on a previously unprofitable area? After arranging a personal appointment, a CAMPPA employee will come directly to you to inspect your parking space and clarify any questions you may have.

Call us: +43.670.6085584, send us a WhatsApp with text “INFO CAMPPA” or write us an email with your name, address and phone number to: office@camppa.eu