Doris Wolkner-Steinberger told us in November 2021 why the Herberstein Zoo decided on five parking spaces from CAMPPA.

“We had the problem in the past that our private parking lot was used illegally at night by campers. Now we have created an offer for this target group.” Doris Wolkner-Steinberger, GF Tierwelt Herberstein

CAMPPA in the Herberstein animal world - camper site
CAMPPA in the Herberstein animal world - camper site

Mrs. Doris Wolkner-Steinberger, Managing Director of Tierwelt Herberstein, what made you decide to offer park columns from CAMPPA at Tierwelt Herberstein? Did you have a parking problem with campers before or did you simply want to create an additional offering?

Yes, we wanted to create an additional offer. We have had the problem in the past of campers illegally using our private parking lot at night. Now we have created an offer for this target group.

What has been your experience with campers since then?

The first impression: pleasant and uncomplicated guests, although we must note that the parking spaces are not yet heavily used. There is still potential here.

What do you offer campers?

We offer motorhome oarking spaces of sufficient size with the possibility of reservation in the CAMPPA app, but no special services.

What can campers experience in your animal park?

Our visitors experience with us a trip around the world, in just one day! With a fresh air safari they travel through all continents and observe native and exotic animals, almost like in the wild. The commented feedings, a mystical castle tour, the historical rose gardens or a visit to the Gironcoli Museum promise an exciting day. Another plus: Herberstein Animal World is a dog-friendly destination. Tip: Download the “Tierisch Cool” app for free and puzzle your way through the zoo, scan the NFC chip at the enclosure and answer 15 questions about our animal inhabitants. Adventure factor on 46 hectares is guaranteed.