Smart Parking Systems

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Make room for RVs & electric cars

Mobility is currently changing more than ever before. Sharing in the mobile home sector and the constant switch to e-mobility entail changes in parking. Motorhomes are moved more often when several motorhome captains use them together, which means that more adequate parking spaces are required. E-mobilists need parking spaces where they can charge the batteries of their cars in order to drive long distances and use the parking time as charging time.

There now is a smart solution for both target groups: CAMPPA. With the help of the APP, you can search for a parking space more attractive for mobile homeowners and e-mobilists by making a reservation.

Solve the parking situation with CAMPPA to the satisfaction of motorhome captains and e-mobilists with an app and a smart parking system. Generate revenue with your parking spaces without administrative effort or calibration of the charging station.