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Smart parking-space-search for motorhome owners

Motorhome travelers love the freedom to enjoy the journey to their holiday destination. They are happy to combine the route with stops to discover other cities or to meet friends.

The only downer: finding a suitable parking space and easy to reach with the motorhome. The founders of CAMPPA have recognized this problem and with the smart parking system they have the solution, so that parking for motorhomes in your community becomes a relaxed minor matter.

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This is how CAMPPA works for RV owners

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Motorhome travellers can reserve a parking space of suitable size in your municipality in advance for a period of time of their choice.

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Your guests receive the address of the parking lot and drive there directly.

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On site, the mobile home owners unlock the parking lot with CAMPPA and enjoy their stay in your municipality in a completely relaxed manner.

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The rental fee for the parking space is settled with the motorhome owner after the end of use using the payment method stored in the app.

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CAMPPA will transfer the parking proceeds directly to the relevant account in your municipality.

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