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Smart parking-space-search for e-mobilists

E-mobilists are on the rise. And they travel differently. Many of them plan charging stops, especially on longer journeys, and enjoy the quieter and more relaxed journey to their destinations. To pass the time during the charging process, plan stops in cities, restaurants or shopping centers. There they charge the batteries of their cars and their own for the onward journey.

It's just annoying when the parking spaces with charging stations shown on digital maps are then occupied. The founders of CAMPPA have taken on this problem and have now found a solution for e-mobilists with the smart parking system, so that parking becomes a relaxed minor matter.

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This is how CAMPPA works for e-mobilists

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E-mobilists reserve designated parking spaces with charging stations in advance on CAMPPA for an individually selectable period.

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The reserved parking space can be unlocked on site.

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While the e-mobilists are shopping, drinking coffee, eating or making an appointment, their cars are being charged.

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The rental fee is billed after the end of use via the payment method stored in the app. The e-mobilists only pay for the duration of the parking process, the charging process is free.

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CAMPPA will transfer the parking proceeds directly to your account.

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